Trev: Violin and voice

Adriano: Melodeon electronic flute and bagpipe

Maurizio: Piano Accordion

Emilio: Cajon and mixer

Welcome to our website

Who are we?

...a group of friends who meet regularly to make music and have fun together at Marizio's house, in his "peilo"
In the old Piedmontese farming tradition, the peilo was both where you received guests and where you hung your salami to dry and kept a few other tasty morsels to offer your friends. (The Piedmontese expression "J'amis del peilo" roughly translates as "Friends of the Parlour"!).
Maurizio's peilo, with its array of old sepia photographs hanging on the walls, recalls the simplicity of times past and provides a serene atmosphere in which to develop sincere and long-lasting friendships.
To aid the digestion during their feasts in the peilo, our friends got into the habit of playing one or two tunes together...for pure pleasure of the music and at the same time deepen the existing friendships!!!

One day we got caught out enjoying ourselves, so now here we are, ready and willing to put a spring in the steps of dancers at feasts and festivals with our lively repertoire of traditional Piedmontese and Occitano music...and, for dancers with a more catholic taste, melodies from France, Brittany, the Basque region and the British Isles.

Our newly-formed (December 2007) group is developing fast and, despite the wealth of technical and musical experience of each of the members, we still have the enthusiasm of novices, trying out all kinds of dances and innovative combinations of instruments for the first time; we are full of new ideas but keen to understand and enjoy the historical experience this music offers and communicate to others its deep messages and help us all not to forget our roots.

We hope this site will make us a little better known outside our immediate territory (Canavese - Biellese) and encourage others to contact us to enjoy musical and cultural exchanges.

Best wishes from J'amis dėl peilo.

Bruno: Hurdy-Gurdy, tambourines and voice

Ruben: Soprano clarinet, flutes and pipes

Gianni: Guitar, Bass Guitar

Carlo: Bass tuba and bodhran